Training Schemes

Historically, there have been no recognised training schemes specific, or even particularly relevant, to the design and installation of Fire Sprinkler Systems.

To address this issue, Skills for Security Ltd, working in conjunction with BAFSA, are preparing a National Occupational Standard with the intention to create an NVQ based upon the new approved standard.  A draft copy of the NOS can be viewed here: NOS Mechanical Fire Protection.  This document should also aid companies in the interim by providing a structure for training of apprentices.

Feedback on the draft NOS can be provided by completing a brief survey located here:

One Response to Training Schemes

  1. paulneary1986 says:


    I’m looking for more details on the above. I have been employed as a Sprinkler Engineer for the last 8 years but don’t have any qualification to show for it. This is only going to hinder any chance of applying for jobs abroad as it is a recognised trade in most Countries.

    Is there any date set for when this NVQ will be created and what will the procedure be for achieving it for guys like myself who have been doing the job for years?

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