Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler Heads are typically a “Glass Bulb” type construction:

Other construction designs include:

  • Fusible Link (a soldered link melts when heated releasing the seat.  Today these are commonly used in food processing  factories)
  • Dry Pendant (used typically in cold room where freezing is a risk, the drops a powder filled with a conventional glass bulb sprinkler head arrangement at its end).
  • Deluge (open sprinkler heads that operates simultaneously when fire is detected.  Detection can be via common smoke detectors or sensing pipework).
  • MJC: Multi Jet Controls are installed within areas that are sensitive to water such as electrical switch rooms.  They are constructed to incorporate a standard glass bulb heat detecting element. If subjected to heat, the glass bulb will burst allowing water to pass through the MJC to an open sprinkler head located external to the area protected, usually over openings to prevent fire spreading from the area.

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