LPS 1048

This is the longest running third party sprinkler contractor certification scheme.

Dependent upon approval level, a LPS 1048 contractor may “self-certificate”.  Contractors are listed and approved based on their evaluated level of competency and usual scope of work. Staff are required to demonstrate their competence by undertaking and passing a revue examinations for the appropriate approval level.

Approved Level 4 – Can self-certificate all precalculated and FHC installations without supervision. Can also undertake and self-certificate Residential & Domestic installations to BS9251. Level 4 approved sprinkler contractors include:

A&F Sprinklers Ltd. – Lancashire

Argus Fire Protection Company Ltd. – West Midlands

Armstrong Priestley Ltd. – West Yorkshire

Besseges Ltd. – Cheshire

Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd. – Suffolk & Worcestershire

Fireproof Fire Engineering Ltd. – Lancashire

Hall and Kay Fire Engineering – Manchester, West Midlands & Windsor

Hall Fire Protection Ltd. – Lancashire

Irish Sprinkler & Fire Protection Limited –  Dublin

Linkester Fire Protection Ltd. – Cheshire

Mercury Engineering – Dublin

Nu-Form Fire UK Ltd. – Lancashire

Olympic Fire Protection Ltd. – Hampshire

Pendle Designs Ltd. – Lancashire

Project Fire Engineers Ltd. – Staffordshire

Protec Camerfield Ltd. – Lancashire

Provincial Sprinkler Co. Limited – Cork

Vipond Fire Protection Ltd. – Scotland

Approved Level 3 – Can self-certificate all precalculated installations without supervision and undertake FHC contracts but under supervision by LPCB for each and every FHC contract

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