Parliamentary Seminar

Supported by The Business Sprinkler Alliance


(Sponsored by the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group)

Houses of Parliament – Monday  28th February 2011

DRAFT Seminar Outline Programme:

0945 – 1015   Registration , Committee Room 14, House of Commons.

1015              Joint Chairmen for Morning Session:

Lord Howie of Troon

David Amess MP

Welcome Address: Lord Howie

1030               London’s Sprinkler Position Statement – Cllr. Brian Coleman – Chairman LGA Fire Forum – Leader London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority.

1045               How can Fire Suppression assist with Fire & Rescue Service’s stretched resources? – Vijith Randeniya OBE – Vice President Elect – Chief Fire Officers’ Association.

1055               “It’s always been like that so we don’t have to” & “its cheaper to rehouse the complaining tenant” The experiences of an Expert Witness – Arnold Tarling – Building Surveyor – London.

1105              Questions and comments.

1125               How we manage resources on an Island with limited back-up – Kevin Groom DCO Isle of Man FRS and Siamack Rowaichi Senior Building Control Officer–Isle of Man.

1140 A Union view of Fire Suppression Systems – by Matt Wrack

(Gen. Sec. Fire Brigades Union). (provisional)

1150              Questions and comments.

1215              Pre lunch Drinks: Cholmondeley Room -

1300                          Lunch: Cholmondeley Room, House of Lords.

Hosted by Lord Brookman

1415 – 1430    Lunchtime  Address  – Speaker –      Chris Hasbrook, Vice President & General Manager Global Building Materials / Life Safety and Security Industries – Underwriters Laboratories Inc. – USA

1445                  Committee Room 14 , House of Commons.

Joint chairmen for afternoon session :  Lord Brookman – Jim Fitzpatrick MP – Brian Robinson CBE. Former Commissioner London Fire Brigade.

1450                  The vital contribution made by sprinklers to reducing fire losses

Larry Stokes  – Head of Customer Risk Management – Zurich

Insurance Ltd.

1500                  Concerns of the Building Control  - Matthew Grove Building Control Officer – CSS Yorkshire Ltd. and Conservative Councillor – Beverley & Holderness.

1510                  Safer Places – Kent Design Guide for improving safety in the built environment – Steve Griffiths – Director Community Safety or The personal story of a victim of fire in Swansea, South West Wales. – Miss Caroline Tucker assisted by her mum Sian Tucker (to be confirmed)

1520                 QUESTIONS and COMMENTS

1545 Close of Seminar and summary by Brian Robinson CBE

1600 to 1715 – Reception, Cholmondeley Room  House of Lords Sponsored by Members of the All-Party Group.

Supported by the Business Sprinkler Alliance.

Address by Baroness Hanham CBE- Parliamentary Under Secretary of State – Communities and Local Government – (provisional) (introduced by Iain Cox QFSM MA BSc(Hons) MCIPD, Chief Fire Officer – Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service).

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