Hampshire Act 1983

Hampshire Act 1983

…..13.—(l) This section applies to the following namely:—

(a) the erection of a building of the warehouse class or intended to be used for the purpose of trade or facture and of a cubic extent exceeding 7,000 cubic buildings. metres; or

(b) the extension of a building so used or intended to be so used so that, as extended, the building will be of cubic extent exceeding 7,000 cubic metres.

(a) Where plans and particulars are deposited with council in accordance with building regulations in respect of the carrying out of an operation to which this section applies, the district council may reject the plans and particulars it is shown to their satisfaction that the building the subject of the operation will be provided with—
(i) fire alarms (whether automatic or otherwise) and a fire extinguishing system, or either such alarms or such system; and
(ii) effective means of removing smoke in case of fire.

(b) Before approving or disapproving any such plans and particulars the district council shall consult the fire and the Health and Safety Executive.

(c) The district council shall not reject plans and particular under paragraph (a) above on the ground that it is not shown to their satisfaction that there will be provided fire alarms or fire extinguishing system, in any case where in respect of the build ing the subject of the operation a fire certificate issued by the Health and Safety Executive is for the time being required under 1974 c. 37. the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.


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