Blaze-ravaged Glasgow Art School was due to get new fire sprinklers

THE Glasgow School of Art went on fire just weeks before a new sprinkler system was due to be installed.

Bosses at the Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed building were revealed to be finalising a new “fire suppression system”, with work due to begin next month.

The system was not installed earlier because the institution had struggled to attract the finances to complete the project.

The cost of Friday’s blaze is estimated at around £50million.

The library, which contained hundreds of rare periodicals and collections, was destroyed along with countless works of art and the roof of the west wing.

In their planning application for the sprinkler system, officials said that the building had “been subjected to more than 100 years use of paint, chemicals etc, soaking into the fabric which undoubtedly has increased flammability”.

Art school spokeswoman Lesley Booth said: “There has never been a sprinkler system in the building. We were in the process of installing a fire suppression system. It was a bespoke one especially for that building.”

The cost of Friday’s blaze is estimated at around £50million.

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