Sprinklers Stop Fire: Automotive Parts factory, Minworth, Warwickshire

16th April 2014

Many thanks to Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service for this information:

At 18:37 hours on Wednesday 16th April 2014 a fire occurred in a factory producing plastic moulded parts for the automotive industry at Minworth, Warwickshire.

The fire started in the 100m x 100m single storey, portal framed building with thermo clad panelling in an area only used by daytime staff who had gone home. It believed the source of ignition was a heat gun placed on a work station.

One upright sprinkler head on the towns mains fed system operated to control the fire.  Workers among the 50 night staff were alerted and were able to contribute to its extinction using dry powder extinguishers.

The damage caused meant that some production was lost until the following day but had the sprinklers not operated, the area affected by the fire would have been much larger than the 2m x 2m reported. 

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