Sprinklers stop fire: North Wales tissue factory

It has been confirmed that a fire in a tissue factory in North Wales last week was contained by its sprinkler system. Friction in a machine caused paper to catch light in the Shotton facility, which caused sprinklers to activate.

The fire had occurred in a 20m x 10m tissue making machine at the 11,250m² single storey building of steel frame construction, with metal clad roof.

Ten heads on the tank and pump fed system operated and limited fire damage to the machine in question. It is reported that 3% of the machinery was damaged with smoke affecting 30% of the building.

Iain Cox, Chairman of the Business Sprinkler Alliance said: “It is clear that without the sprinkler system in place, the fire would have taken hold and the factory would have sustained a lot more damage, or even suffered a total loss. With the sprinklers in place, the FRS were able to keep the damage to only 10% of the building’s contents.”

Reported by the Business Sprinkler Alliance

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